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JACKAL started in 1985 and released the CD “Cry Of The Jackal” in 1989 after several demo’s.

The CD received good reviews in metal magazines and was played at radio several national & international radio stations at the time. They also received great response from several countries in the world especially from Germany.
Jackal did shows with bands as Vexation, Angus, Hot Legs, Baby’s Breath, Chalice, etc. In 1992 the band went dormant.

In January of 2007 original members John and Rick kick-started the band again. New band members where found, rehearsals started and after their ball breaking debut on 12-12-08 in “de Kade” in Zaandam the band is playing full force again!
In 2010 original singer Erwin Siereveld joined the band again.
Since then the guys have worked hard on old and new songs and played with bands like o.a. Lizzy Borden, Tygers of Pan Tang, Picture, Higway Chile, Martyr, Vanderbuyst, Iron Fist, Custard, etc.

A re-release of the 1989 CD with 5 additional songs was released by Pure Steel Records in 2013 and released for the first time on vinyl!
JACKAL just released their new album God of War’

Metal with a Bite!


JackalErwin Siereveld – Vocals
John Bouman – Guitar
Rick Waalewijn – Drums
Maxime de Koning – Bass


JACKAL guaranties powerful Old School Metal.
Melodic and powerful, dynamic and fast songs all made to last and kick ass.
Energetic and electrifying they make a party of every gig!