Crowdfunding new JACKAL Album – God of War

We achieved what we aimed for thanks to YOU.

Thank you very much!!
The album God of War is on its way.

Check here the Indiegogo page

We are really happy to introduce you to our new album “God of War”.

10 really great songs, Each song  with its own unique story and feel to it.

We offer you the possibility to be part of the new album “God of War”.
We started recording, but in order to finish we need your help. If you would help us financing it, you will not only have the possibility to release a great album worldwide and possibly create a DVD if we achieve more than the goal, but also prove to the music world that you can keep heavy metal alive and kicking.

So to finish the recording in the voodoosoundstudio (with Paul van Rijswijk and the USA producer Ron Goudie known for his work with Stryper, GWAR, Poison, Death Angel), but also mixing the album, mastering, pressing and distributing it, we need your help.

Yes you are reading it correctly, it depends on you.
The principal is simple. By buying the album, you help us finish the process.
Apart from buying the album, there are more ways you can help me.

Check out the video and additional information on:

We can’t do this without your support, so checkout the link above and choose one or more “perks” you like. They are available only during this campaign! So get them while you can!

We want to ask you to share the link ( on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but also to send the link to your friends, acquaintances and family.

 We would really appreciate it if you help us out and hope to see you at the album presentation which will be held at end of the year / early next year.
In whatever way you help us… thank you!

Update CD “God of War”