Video clip and music takes from youtube. Parts of gigs and concerts.

The Law – ElsRock 2018 (JACKAL)
Anti Social – ElsRock 2018 (JACKAL)

Jackal – Gladiator | P60 (P60 8-9-2017)

Jackal – Gladiator | Henky Backer guest appearance

Jackal CD “God of War”

Promo CD Release

Our crowdfunding video

30 years of Jackal. Check the video played during the 30 years anniversary gig

Announcement of the 30 years anniversary gig

Pain in the Ass – video clip (2015)

Into the Night – Re-release gig of Cry of the Jackal
Introduction by Rop van Haren (Martyr)

Deranged – The Mix (live 2012)

Necromancer – The Mix (Live 2012)

Jackal Metal

Jackal in The Mix Uithoorn (Live 2012)

Jackal – Gladiator

JACKAL – The Secret Remains @ De Kade 2